A one-stop solution center for lighting, we provide a wide array of top-notch lighting products and are well-known for our ability to provide expert consultancy services.





is based in Malaysia, established since 1994 and has since flourished to become the leading lighting manufacturer of bespoke and custom design decorative lightings.

For more than 21 years, Macrolite has become a one-stop lighting and LED solution centre, we design and produce a wide array of top-notch lighting fixtures and are well-known for our ability on expert consultancy service. We go to great lengths to ensure that our products create a lasting impression on our clients and their projects; this can be seen through committed staff and quality of our products, coupled with our ability to provide competitively priced products.

 Macrolite Goup of Companies :

Macrolite Sdn Bhd(317317-U)
Macrolite Marketing Sdn Bhd (610575-P)
Macrolite Screen Sdn Bhd (933246-D)
Suria Power Industries Sdn Bhd (700238-V)